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Do You Want to Have Sex with Prostitutes Legally?

No Problem just move to Hawaii and become a Cop.

Yes, in Hawaii the police have lobbied the State Legislature to exempt police officers from the law penalizing sex for hire. The boys in blue thought that holding them accountable under the law would place too great of a burden on investigations. The Legislature was most accommodating (does any Legislature ever say No to a Cop or Secret Agent Man?) and granted the exemption.

Never mind that police forces elsewhere manage to investigate crime without being exempt for its commission. Never mind that this will virtually make sex slaves out of any working girl (or guy) for whom a Cop has a fancy. Never mind that this denigrates the Law that is supposed to be served.

There is a cumulative body of cases that demonstrate that our Guardians have become our Jailers. Cops routinely steal property under asset forfeiture laws, beat and mistreat suspects and non-suspects, and kill without repercussion. Now they will assuredly wrangle exemptions from criminal prosecutions across the board. They will soon be joined by Prosecutors and Judges who already are fairly exempt from accounting for their misdeeds.

A Police State is not free from crime, it is a State where crime is legal for some people.

“Bang-Bang, He Shot Me Down”

By now everyone has heard of the off-duty cop in Florida who shot a moviegoer for using his cellphone during a show. This case is still winding its way through the courts.

More recently, yesterday, an off-duty cop at home in Philadelphia shot a passerby when the man’s dog defecated on the cop’s lawn. The man had a dog but no gun.

The engines of justice moved swiftly, the dog-lover with a bullet in him has already been charged with aggravated assault. The cop, however, is still being investigated so no charges have been filed. In case you’re worried, the gun-toting, dogpoop-averse cop is on paid leave while the matter is being investigated.

We think it is a dangerous practice for cops to be able to earn paid leave by shooting people.

Lesson learned, if you walking your dog in Philadelphia, arm yourself.

2014 or Is It 1864?


Are you thankful that you have been lucky enough to avoid being picked up and enslaved?

How long will you be lucky enough to be a slave on the outside (working to pay the taxes to cover the corporate profits and bailouts) and when might they find it more profitable to bring you inside. Either way you’ll make money for them.

The only country with a higher incarceration rate than the U.S.  is North Korea. Is that they sort of country with which we should be classified?

Barack Obama & Nuremberg 2017

The AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU) has told President Obama that he cannot legally kill Americans overseas based on suspicion and secret evidence.

Nevertheless, the President, who is supposedly a “constitutional lawyer” continues to maintain his imperial right to do so. It is the prerogative of his Majesty to ignore the Constitution, to short-circuit due process of law, in order to kill whosoever he chooses as long as it is in the cause of Empire, or so he says.

What should the American people do with a President who thinks he is above the Law? or one who violates the law and breaches his oath to protect the Constitution? The Constitution provides for Impeachment and the Nuremberg precedent provides for prosecution as a war criminal.

Although it is little noticed by American media, it is true that former President George W Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney cannot enter a number of nations, including some European allies, because there are arrest warrants issued in those jurisdictions for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. Barack Obama may be the first Nobel Peace Prize winner who will be wanted for war crimes.

What The Fukushima?

In 2011, the USS Ronald Reagan was sent to provide emergency assistance to the people of Japan after the earthquake destroyed homes and triggered the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear reactor. The crew was assured by both Tepco, the Japanese company which built the nuclear power plant on a fault line, and the US Navy, that there was nothing to fear.

The ship sailed for 5 hours through a nuclear plume which dosed its 5,500 member crew with an unknown level of radiation. The ship itself, for which we paid $ 6 BILLION, is considered so radioactive that it may be drydocked permanently or sunk.

In the intervening time the crew and their families have reported serious health issues far in excess of which could normally be expected of such a youthful sampling of the population: leukemia, ulcers, brain cancer, testicular cancer, uterine bleeding, intestinal ailments, blindness and birth defects. Former crew members comprise the first plaintiffs in a class action which could include 70,000 or more. Even Americans living on the West Coast of the U.S. may have claims for injuries resulting from Fukushima.

Currently the U.S. Government is joining Tepco in raising every technicality possible to prevent the suit from coming to trial. The nuclear industry may find it cheaper to buy a Congressional majority to legislate immunity than to face the repercussions associated with an open and public trial on the facts.

Interesting note, even though the Japanese Government denies that the ship could have been seriously irradiated, it has informed the US Navy that it does not want the ship to return to Japan, ever. It’s too dangerous.

Constitution? What F#@&%!g Constitution!

  • The Department of Homeland Security has ordered a stockpile of 450 MILLION rounds of ammunition
  • The Attorney General has denied that the Constitution guarantees judicial review of Presidential decisions to kill American citizens
  • The Pentagon admits that drones are flying over the United States
  • The President maintains a “kill list” of individuals to be killed by military action
  • The FBI guidelines have identified “excessive concern” for Constitutional rights to be an indication that someone may be a terrorist
  • If the Government accuses you of being a terrorist, or an illegal immigrant, you may be held without trial
  • The NSA is currently spying on your emails, your texts, your voice phone calls and your internet usage records
  • Although the Constitution prescribes the proper method for the approval of treaties, the Government re-classifies some treaties as “agreements” and thereby eliminate the Constitutional requirements
  • Increasingly, prisons are operated by private for-profit companies which are not held accountable to observe legal rights
  • TSA have been granted authority to fondle 5-year-olds, de-pants 80 year-olds, and generally violate our privacy and body integrity
  • TSA is now moving out of airports and making random highway stops
  • Police forces have been increasingly militarized
  • Armed Forces are assigned domestic policing functions in clear violation of 150 year old statute (“Posse Comitatus Act”)
  • American citizens may be arrested and subject to military tribunals without a right to counsel and without notification to next of kin (Military Commission Act)
  • “Treaties” are being negotiated and Congress is denied the opportunity to read the drafts during negotiation and will be denied the opportunity to offer amendments
  • Increasingly, “Trade Courts” of foreigners have acquired authority to overturn federal, state and local laws in pursuit of “free” trade
  • Police have been allowed to shoot unarmed civilians including children without repercussion
  • Supreme Court judges have written that there is NO right to vote
  • Voters have been purged from the voting rolls for merely having a name similar to that of a felon
  • Police have been able to forcibly search body cavities without warrant based on mere suspicion
  • Under “Asset Forfeiture” laws, you can lose your home, your car and your bank account without any judicial finding of guilt, indeed even in the absence of legal charges being filed
  • 180 years after the abolition of imprisonment for debt, scurrilous bill collectors in collusion with corrupt judges have devised ways to jail debtors until their debts are paid
  • Supposedly independent juries of 12 of your peers have been cut to juries of 6 or so, who are then obligated to obey judge’s directions as to findings of guilt
  • Ever increasing incidences of wrongful conviction, police misconduct, prosecutorial abuse and judicial corruption have been recorded nationwide

Litter in Texas? The Long Arm Will Go Somewhere You Won’t Want It to Go

Two women were out for a ride in North Texas when one of them threw a cigarette butt out of the car window. Texas State Troopers are very hostile when dealing with the serious offense of improper cigarette disposal. The women were pulled over to be de-pantsed by the officers who then explored their nether regions in public while parked on the exit ramp of the highway. The police dashcam shows both women being assaulted on the hood of the vehicle.

In this case however instead of the cops being punished with paid leave at home, the officers were fired and charged with sexual assault. It could be because the officers were also female, Texas doesn’t put up with lesbian antics on the job.

XXX-Rated — Only to Be Read by Mature Adults

If you’ve been following the continuing series in the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT about what it’s like to live in a Police State, you may well agree with us that one should stay away from the Southwest. Well, here’s another horror story:

A woman crossed into the United States from Mexico at the border crossing in El Paso. The Border Patrol held her “on suspicion” and had her strip searched. After which TWO female agents were assigned to explore her vagina with their fingers. Nothing was found.

But that didn’t stop our own Dudley Do-Rights. No, they were just beginning, and they were still suspicious. God help you if you are ever suspected. That¬† no contraband could be found in the deeper recesses of the “suspect’s” body did not deter them.

The woman was taken to the University of El Paso’s Medical Center where the medical staff induced a bowel movement. The gang stood around and watched the woman defecate and then scavenged through the waste product looking for drugs. Nothing was found (It’s not enough to be kinky to be a Cop, you have to be seriously sicko).

So they X-rayed her and found nothing. Then she was stripped, again, and two hospital employees inserted their fingers into her anus AND her vagina, again. Not one staffer at a time, not one hand at a time, no indeed. A “bimanual search”was required meaning that TWO pervs simultaneously inserted their hands into her vagina to search for drugs!

Nothing was found.

So then they subjected her to a catscan and yet found nothing.

No search warrant was ever issued nor even requested. Nothing more than suspicion was ever offered to justify these outrageous assaults on this woman’s bodily integrity.

This isn’t some foreign tinpot dictatorship. This is the land of the free. And our body cavities may be searched on as little as Barney Fife’s suspicion.

What’s it like to live in a Police State? Well, what do you think, what is it like?

More Horror Stories from Officer Friendly

David Eckhert drove to pick up a few items at his local Wal-Mart in Deming, New Mexico, on the Second of January 2013.

Dave did a rolling stop and was then pulled over by a local boy-in-blue. Mr. Eckhert did not protest, he did not argue, he did not resist, but the Officer just didn’t like his looks. So they dragged him in on “suspicion”.

A search of his car and his person found nothing, so the Police thought that a more thorough search was called for.

Not having a full facilities lab at the cop shop, the cops brought David to a hospital where they asked the hospital staff to conduct a FULL BODY CAVITY search. The doctor on duty said that would be unethical and refused to violate the quite frightened and overpowered driver (Remember he was only apprehended for failing to complete a full stop)

So the coppers dragged him to yet another hospital where the ethical standards were not so high. There the local version of Dr. Mengele complied with every request:

  • The doctors violated him with their fingers
  • And when they didn’t find anything, they violated him with their fingers AGAIN
  • And when they didn’t find anything they forcibly gave him an enema
  • And when nothing came out, they gave him another enema
  • And when nothing came out they gave him another enema
  • TWO digital rectal exams and THREE enemas found no drug evidence
  • So they X-rayed him
  • And found NOTHING !
  • So the Cops ordered a Colonoscopy

The result of all of this? NOTHING. No evidence was found.

When news reporters inquired as to whether the Police felt that they may have exceeded their authority, the response was that everything was legal and proper.

To add insult to injury, literally, the Hospital billed David Eckhert for medical services provided. Mr. Eckhert, who didn’t request any such services, and who, other than a traffic violation, broke no laws, refused to pay. The Hospital has said that they will report Mr. Eckhert to the Credit Bureau as a delinquent debtor and file a lawsuit against him.

What lesson did we learn? Don’t go shopping at Wal-Mart.

“Hello, I’m from the Police & I’m Here to Help”

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has been tracking the increased incidences of police assaults on ordinary citizens. The country has been transitioning away from being a republic governed by law to an empire ruled by potentates. “Rights” are something better understood as legal fictions. We have a President with a Kill List and we have local politicians, judges, prosecutors and police officers who lord it over average citizens. As “Dubya” is reported to have said, “The Constitution is just a piece of paper”. In the community where I live, outrageous police misconduct is routinely “punished” with paid leave. Here is one more story in a litany of abuses which we should no longer tolerate.


David and Delores are a couple in their sixties. They live in their own home and care for themselves without assistance. Life is a little bit harder for David because he needs to take care of Delores due to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Upon one occasion David was having a little more trouble than usual and so called his local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for advice.

Without his consent, the professional helpers at the social services agency called the police (why does it seem that the world’s helpers manage fundraising better than actually helping?)

Nine squad cars were dispatched to the private home (were the donut shops closed?), when the police arrived, Delores was holding a letter-opener although David assured them that she posed no threat and indeed asked them to leave. The police dragged David away against his will.

You can’t hold a letter opener in the presence of a Texas cop and Delores was tasered. When the taser did not subdue the 67 year old, officer shot her three times with a gun spraying rubber bullets. Finally falling, an officer stood on her wrist while Delores was cuffed. Delores had a broken wrist, gashes on her head and other cuts. Both David and Delores were forcibly taken to the hospital where Delores received 17 stitches to seal her wounds.

With the couple out of the house, and charged with no crime, the police were curious enough to ransack the house “searching” for God knows what although no search warrant had been issued.

It’s no wonder that real Bad Guys never seem to be caught, the cops are too busy subduing 67 year-old women, after all, it’s easier and they don’t fight back.