Wikileaks Witchhunt Promoted by “Liberals”

Newt Gingrich wants Wikileaks tried for treason, Mike Huckabee wants them executed after a trial, Tom Flanagan wants them assassinated without a trial. Howard Kurtz, CNN Media whiz, dumps on the press for publishing articles from Wikileaks. So-called Liberals are falling over themselves to join the Witchhunt and prove their bona fides as tough realistic political thugs (can you say, McCarthyism, I know you can). Yet not long ago Wikileaks was a Liberal Media darling — 

“[Wikileaks critics] forget that when WikiLeaks exposed high-level corruption in Kenya, toxic waste in Africa and all manner of nefarious deeds in the former Soviet bloc, they applauded it.” [The Guardian at

That was then, this is now.

What is really ailing Liberals, or rather the Woosie-crats and Obama-philes who pass as Liberals, is that Wikileaks caught their icons with their pants down. Hillary Clinton is a Madam Borgia. Barack Obama is a reincarnated “W” with a better vocabulary. Obama is not the commander-in-chief but a houseboy for the military-industrial complex*. The good guys are really bad guys. Slavery is Freedom. The world is not what we’re told it is.

Wikileaks pose no threat to anyone’s life nor to the legitimate national security interests of the American people. That complaint is so much balderdash to cover up the Establishment’s deep complicity in deception, war crimes and subversion of the true American way.


* Point in fact: The United States Government under “Liberal” Barack Obama is spending more in real dollars for war-making than it did under Sheriff “W” Bush, Slick Willy Clinton, Poppy Bush or the Ray-gun of Star Wars fame. The Military-Industrial-Petroleum Complex is safely ensconced in the driver’s seat of policy-making in Washington DC and the American Empire has replaced the American Republic.


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