Stewart Alexander Socialist Candidate for President

As readers of the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT know we wish that a REAL Democrat would challenge the fake Democrat who occupies the White House for the 2012 nomination. That does not appear to be likely and thus the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT would like to see the various State and local Progressive parties coalesce to offer a national ticket.

Unfortunately, although efforts are underway to establish a national Progressive Party it is not likely that such a party will be able to do so in time to support a national campaign within a year. Therefore, Progressives and those who oppose the Duo of Wacko-Republicans and Squishy-Soft Democrats must look elsewhere.

Recently, the SOCIALIST PARTY USA held its nominating convention and endorsed STEWART ALEXANDER for the Presidency. Alexander was the SPUSA’s candidate for Vice President in 2008. He is also seeking the endorsement of the Green Party and the Peace & Freedom Party of California.

Unlike too many Democratic and Republican candidates, Stewart Alexander has worked for living as a retail clerk, general contractor, warehouseman and forklift driver.

Active in community affairs and in the NAACP, Alexander hosted a radio talk show in Los Angeles. This led to participation in electoral campaigns while developing a general dissatisfaction with Democrats and Republicans. He saw both major parties as tools of Corporations and government at all levels serving business interests to the exclusion of all others. Often dismissed as a “Socialist” he investigated what the Socialist Party stood for and decided that if he was to be called a Socialist, he might as well become one.

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