David Letterman Is a Anorexic Scrawny Scarecrow of an Old Geezer Who Molests Young Girls

DAVID LETTERMAN is a funny man. We know because he tells us so.

For the past week or so he has continued to make fun of Barney Franks because Franks is overweight. Indeed, to Dave, fat is where its at for humor. He regularly chided former President Clinton as “Tubby”. Being overweight is not funny. It is a medical problem, like a heart attack, Dave. How funny is a heart attack?

Basically, making fun of what one says or does is fair. Mocking a person for weight is no more funny than mocking them for being black, being blind, or being gay. Something that one is is not a cause for ridicule.

What one does is fair game. Rush Limbaugh should not be laughed at because he is fat, Rush should be laughed at for choosing to have his maid buy him illegal drugs.

Dave should not be laughed at for being a skinny emaciated half-man feather-weight. He should be laughed at for having sex with an employee a quarter-century his junior. He chose to use his authority as a girl’s employer to gain pity sex while pretending to be in a committed relationship. He didn’t have sex with a youngster because he was attractive or sexy but because he had power.

Now that’s funny!


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