Taking Lying to Never Imagined Heights

If BIG LIES are to be shouted from mountain tops then this one’s being broadcast from Mars

Happened to listen to Fox Radio News coverage of the recent voting registration fraud in Florida. The Republican Party hired a private firm to conduct outreach to identify prospective Republican voters and register them to vote. The firm, paid per registration, appears to have made up voters, re-registered already registered voters and generally violated the law as well as its contract with the Republicans. It is a major embarrassment to the Party which has complained the loudest about their opposition’s alleged perfidy.

Fox News got most of the story adding the dig that the scandal resembled the shenanigans supposedly conducted by ACORN, a favorite Right-winger whipping boy. One itsy bitsy little omission. Fox neglected to state that this was a Republican fiasco. One would have, and knowing Fox viewers and listeners, they did certainly come to the conclusion that this was a typical Democratic fraud for which good Republican laws would prove a cure.

This is like a bank robber devoting his trial defense to a criticism of the bank’s lapsed security while insisting that the Court take action to lock up the Sheriff lest he be found in the bank again. One must admire them for their audacity, and if mendacity is a virtue then Fox and friends would be philosopher-kings.


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