Don’t Do It!

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT just received another note from a longterm unemployed person contemplating suicide. Having served in a community help center these feelings are far more common than we’d like to believe. I am sharing my message so that others on the brink might stop and think it over.

I know things are bad but there are people in your life who care. And there is something yet you may be able to do. You should talk to someone for counseling and may contact the community mental health center in your city for help. Homelessness is one of the burdens with which we must live in this country. But I know homeless people, I’ve talked with them, and as difficult of a life as they have, there are always reasons to get up and again and try.

I have no more reason to live than you do but I am hanging on for the chance that something somewhere will work out. As it is said of the Lottery, you can’t win it unless you’re in it. So too of life, if you check out it may be just before that perfect job offer, or love affair, or that perfect sunrise, or whatever. I don’t know what life will bring you but unless you’re there, it won’t bring anything. Your odds are better alive than in Vegas, so let it ride.

If nothing else think of it this way, the bastards who are stealing the country blind, sending jobs to slaves in China and enjoying those huge bailout bonuses just don’t give a damn about us. Don’t give them the satisfaction of checking out. If you did, they’d just swill another cognac and puff on their cigars and tell their buddies how we just don’t count. Live on to fight another day.

Think on this as well, it has gotten me thru many a dark night: science says that most suicidal impulses may just be an aberration in your body chemistry. I’d feel myself a fool if I died when I could have had a sandwich.


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