Vote for Obama, after all, He’s Not Romney

A pollster on one of the morning news-talk shows reports that Obama has a lead over Romney except in one notable area, enthusiasm. People who have chosen Romney are more jazzed by their selection than those who have chosen Obama. The general attitude is, “Oh, who do I support for President, well, Obama I suppose, I don’t really have a choice do I”.

The so-called Democratic candidate is but a couple points ahead of a Republican who puts-off the average American as a SuperRich a-hole who looks down his nose at anyone who has yet to make their first million. Obama should, could, have been 10-12 points ahead of such a stereotypical Montgomery Burns-Thurston Howell III type. But we know he is not a liberal, or a progressive, we know he is a con man.

A pundit blogger inquires why is it that the “most liberal” President since LBJ can’t inspire any more enthusiasm among what should be his natural base. The fact is we know this is hype. Obama is at best an intimidated wanna-be seeking  the approval of those he sees as his social superiors and at worst a mere opportunist prepping for his next job on a corporate board of directors.

Four years ago Obama was touted as the “most liberal” member of the U.S. Senate. The proposition was absurd on its face, how can a Senate with a declared Socialist, Bernie Sanders, sitting in it or Ted Kennedy or Russ Feingold or Tom Harkins really concede the Most Liberal accolade to a smooth-talking hustler from Chicago? He wasn’t and an examination of his actual voting record proves it. Obama was one of the most Conservative Senators in the Democratic caucus. Minnesota’s Republican Senator Norm Coleman, later bested by Al Franken, had a more liberal voting record than Barack Obama.

How did Obama con so many? An example from his brief Senate career is illustrative. Illinois was upset that a local nuclear power plant had experienced a leak and never notified the state or local governments much less made any public announcement. Senator Obama, responding to public pressure, drafted a bill requiring such notification. He then circulated throughout the State gathering kudos for being the people’s advocate while making very strong speeches condemning nuclear power. As the hoopla died down, Obama went to work arm and arm with the very same power company that had attempted to hide its negligence in Illinois and removed all the teeth from the bill. By the time the bill was heard in the Senate it meant nothing. Obama was remembered by his constituents as their advocate while in  reality serving the nuclear power industry to such an extent that he received its support in the following presidential campaign.

Obama runs as a liberal but governs as a business-oriented Wall Street friendly conservative. It is no wonder that the Obama campaign theme is, Vote for Obama, he’s just not as crazy as the other guy.


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