Obama & Romney Round 1

A running commentary on the debate with a bit of levity  —

  • Romney says he knows what to do with small business. Yeah, carve them up and serve them as snacks
  • So Obama agrees with Romney and Corporate taxes need to be cut? 40% of all corporations don’t pay corporate income tax, how about getting them to pay taxes first
  • Romney likes coal — how does he feel about the epidemic of (cough, cough, wheeze, wheeze) asthma linked to the increase in coal-burning plants
  • Boring
  • Romney says he won’t cut rich people’s taxes AND he won’t do any tax cut that increase the deficit. This means NOT cutting taxes so let’s stop talking about it
  • Score one for Barry: So now he [Romney] says “never mind”
  • Romney wants to cut taxes on job creators, could he explain why all of the previous tax cuts never ended up creating jobs
  • Score another Barry: Trump doesn’t think he is a small anything
  • First 20 minutes on taxes — half the audience is now surfing the dial
  • Math, common sense indicates that Romney is wrong — Sorry, Mr President, the Republican Party is the party of faith, not common sense
  • Romney ended the first segment zinging on Obama as the food stamp President, not a bad comeback
  • And from “Taxes”, we go to “Deficit” — and we thought the first segment was boring
  • Romney likes Big Bird but he’s going to chop off his head and fricassee him for Sunday dinner
  • Obama testifies that he’s better at cutting the budget than the Republicans, he can cut with the best of them; Obama is out to prove that he’s a better Republican than the endorsed Republican
  • Romney: I won’t support Simpson-Bowles but the President should
  • Obama: I support Simpson-Bowles and I want Congress to sign on [Translation: I am as hot to pull the plug on Granny’s Medicare as you are and I want to give Social Security to Wall Street, they’re my friends, too]
  • Romney: I want to cut programs
  • Obama: Me too, I just won’t go nuts
  • Romney: I want to cut taxes
  • Obama: Me too, I just won’t go nuts
  • Obama skewers the tax deductions given corporations for moving jobs overseas, good point, but why didn’t you propose something in the last 4 years?
  • Score a point for Mitt, “You [Obama] don’t pick the winners & losers, you just pick the losers”
  • Colonel Romney likes States’ Rights, do I hear the gentle lilt of “Dixie” in the air?
  • Good defense of Social Security, Mr President!
  • So now Romney likes Medicare too! Seniors vote regularly
  • Obama: “So if you’re 54, you may want to listen” Romney is going git you sucka, he’s goin’ to voucher yur butt
  • BTW, publicly-run healthcare costs about 8% a year, private for-profit healthcare insurance costs 17-24%
  • Smart move on Romney’s part, he attacked Obama from the Left criticizing the Administration’s fake regulation of the big banks
  • Romney would replace Obamacare with Romneycare ????
  • Romney has a secret tax plan, a secret plan for deficit reduction, a secret plan for bank regulation and a secret plan for healthcare — maybe he’s not ready to be President but he does have an handle on being Commander in Chief
  • Romney: Make up a number
  • Romney smirks too much, he looks like a smug preppy; and Obama bows his head too much, like he’s being scolded by a boss
  • Obama thinks Government can help Business; and Romney thinks that Government that bombs best, is best. I disagree with both, I think Government should help People and bomb less
  • While Romney was speaking about the challenged elderly, I looked up his age, Mitt is 65. Eligible for Social Security he may be having his checks sent to the Caymans
  • Romney got his zinger in: “Mr President you’re entitled to a house and a plane but not your own facts”. How long did he practice this?
  • Kudos, Mr Obama, even though the debate was limited to domestic policy, you got the requisite reference to getting Osama bin Laden in.
  • Romney did serve one purpose, the nation now knows that he isn’t as nutty as the rest of the gang who ran for the Republican nomination. Can you imagine Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, or Herman Cain on that stage?
  • CONCLUSION: Romney wasn’t as wimpy as we thought he was, he flogged the moderator, and danced around Obama. He also broke with the hard Right that had seemed to imprison him since the Convention. Obama was the obsequious woosie that he’s been in the past “negotiating” with the Congressional Republicans. Obama doesn’t have the cojones to take on the preppy par excellence how can he go toe-to-toe with the King of Arabia, Vladimir the Terrible, or Hu is the Emperor of China?

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