Chris Matthews Has Cojones

CHRIS MATTHEWS is a smart, somewhat idealistic, and forgiveably bombastic talk-show host on MSNBC.

JACK WELCH, now retired, was Matthews’ boss as CEO of GE, the owner of NBC, the owner of MSNBC.

Welch apparently tweeted in response to the latest report on employment stats that the 7.8% unemployment rate is suspicious. Jack thinks that the “Chicago boys”, that is unnamed Chicago-based politicos (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) fixed the report. Chris welcomed Welch to his program where he raked him over the coals for the dodgy call much less defamation of the public servants charged with the bean-counting.

Now this was pretty remarkable. MSNBC is open to a more liberal approach to its mainstream news but hosts who have gone too far — Keith Olberman, Cenk Uyger — have been canned. Jack Welch is no longer the boss but the power establishment at GE and NBC is still the Welch establishment. Chris Matthews dogged questioning of the old man had the appearance of the young pup taking on the old bull leader of the herd.

Good for him! We hope Chris keeps his job. The Manhattan boys have more tricks than the Chicago boys.



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