Child-Molesters Are Welcome at the Altar but Not Liberals

John F Kennedy reaffirmed the traditional American commitment to the separation of church and state when he said that he would not obey a Church which tried to tell him how to govern as he would not comply with a State that would tell him how to worship.

The Archbishop of Newark has told his flock that should they vote to recognize the marriage equality of same-sex couples they would no longer be welcome at communion service. The Archbishop has decided to use the comforts of religion as a weapon in a political agenda. This is wrong if you are a Catholic, this is wrong if you are not a Catholic, it is just plain wrong.

For the faithful, Communion is the table of the Lord, who He invites should not be denied by any man, even one in a dress.

For the secular, a Church which involves itself in the public sphere as an active participant is a political entity which should no longer qualify for tax exemption. If the Church in Newark wants to play rough then tax it.


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