“It is Obama – the sanest conservative president since Eisenhower”

This is a quote from conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan. It is pithy, it is catchy and it is true. The reason we don’t like Mr Obama, politically that is, is because he is what our opposition should be: sane and conservative. The opposition, his opposition, is crazy and far to the right of Attila the Hun.

We do not doubt that Barack Obama is a good man although we suspect that he has an opportunistic streak. We also have no doubt that he is an American and a Christian. There are definitely things we like about him, his life story and his rhetorical stance.

However, we think the time has come for change and Obama will not deliver change. For us he has ceased giving hope.

The question then is should he be supported because he is sane while the other guy seems influenced by the nuts. No, because to do so will tell future candidates that they can get away with mere sanity while abandoning liberal ideals and progressive principles. We do require sanity of our candidates but it is not enough, we must have evidence of a commitment to revive and renew American values of equality, fairness and justice.


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