Free and Healthy

We are beginning to see issues-oriented ads on TV claiming that Obamacare is just like the Canadian healthcare plan and that the United States will become a less free country as it adopts some measure of public supervision of healthcare.


First, I wish Obamacare was like the Canadian system. The Canadian system essentially makes health insurance a public service. Doctors and hospitals remain private but insurance has become public.

Obamacare, or Romneycare, does not establish a publicly funded health insurance program instead there is a legal mandate that people buy private for-profit health insurance. Health insurance and doctors and hospitals all retain their status as private sector agents.

Interestingly, the Heritage Foundation, the Conservative think tank that created Romneycare (Obamacare) as the private sector answer to the demand for healthcare reform also has devised an Index of Freedom by which it determines which countries are free and how free they are.

Under that Index, the United States is said to be 76.3 % free in comparison to other countries such as Canada 79.9 %, Australia 83.1 % and New Zealand 82.1 %. So these three countries, among others, are freer than the United States although they all enjoy publicly funded healthcare!!!

Curiously, regardless of the right-wing propaganda, Denmark receives a freedom ranking of 76.2 % virtually even with the USA despite the fact that Denmark has healthcare, generous welfare benefits and a tax burden far exceeding the United States. If one can be free AND economically secure as a Dane why should we be free and tossed about as flotsam and jetsam in a predatory exploitative market economy as an American?


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