How About Deleting Supereditors?

WIKIPEDIA is a good idea but it is run by very foolish people.  I use the popular digital encyclopedia frequently not so much for substantive content as to check for titles, dates and such. I am continually astonished as to the “Supereditors” priorities. Entries are deleted for insignificance although “insignificance” generally means that the supereditors are merely ignorant. If they don’t know about it then the topic is insignificant.

For years, the encyclopedia included an entry about the so-called “North Star Republic” active in Minnesota. A devotee of offbeat politics I searched the State for this alleged movement only to conclude that it existed in someone’s basement as a fantasy. Sharing this information with WIKIPEDIA, a Supereditor wrote to tell me that it had to be legit because it had a webpage.

Meanwhile, searching for the “American Rescue Workers”, a church-charity similar to Salvation Army,  I couldn’t find any reference and so wrote my own using data from religious reference books. A week after adding it to the web I returned to look at it: it had been deleted as insignificant!!! Exchanging emails I was told that it lacked the importance required for entries in Wikipedia.

Now this is a church-denomination with 3,000 members which operates charities throughout the country that serve a 100,000 but it wasn’t important enough for Wikipedia. I engaged in a mini-campaign to resuscitate the article and finally persuaded a Super-supereditor that their colleague may have been too zealous with the delete function. How many worthy entries lack vehement advocates?

In another case, a small church was deleted while an even smaller church received an entry. And in yet another a denomination with a litigious history was allowed to write their own entry full of promotional bloviation simply because the supereditor in this case was afraid of the church.

I once read a fine article on “Nature Mysticism”, a subject of which I was unaware, only to return to it later and find it deleted. Since I went on to learn that this philosophical movement is attractive to millions and has influenced leading authors, it certainly deserved an entry.

Time after time, some SUPER-editor displays his or her ignorance by deleting something which they don’t understand. Most recently, I was looking up Trotskyist groups and sought info on the International Bolshevik Tendency. The IBT isn’t big but it is very relevant to the understanding of the history of Trotskyism. It was deleted as unimportant.

Wikipedia not only has entries on popular TV shows but contains additional entries for each episode and characters and at times catch-phrases as well. “Family Guy” has 45 individual entries. Wikipedia has entries on minor actors and actresses featured in pornographic films. Porn actresses take up 968 entries alone. If these things are important then certainly churches and political movements which have members and have a role in history are significant.

Wikipedia, you require an elementary skill level of your contributors, let’s require supereditors to know something.


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