Open Letter: What Citibank Does to Grieving Familes


Our daughter Brittani was killed in a tragic and brutal car accident three days before her twenty-third birthday—just a week before her college graduation.

Brittani had dedicated her life to serving people and making people’s lives better. She had her whole life ahead of her.

When Brittani died, she still had student loans to pay off, and for more than three years Citibank demanded repayment from our family. While we grieved, Citibank continued to demand payment, and we struggled to pay these bills monthly.

Tell CITIBANK to stop collecting student debts from the families of children who have died.

Our family is lucky. After more than three years of pleading with Citibank, we started an online petition on With the help of friends, MoveOn, and so many others, our petition spread fast. And once Citibank started to feel public pressure, they called us and agreed to forgive Brittani’s student debt.

But what about all the other families in this situation? No one should have to go through this kind of ordeal. And we know we’re not the only ones who have had this experience with Citibank and other big banks.

Citibank received a taxpayer bailout, while most families get no help when they need it most. Citibank should institute a policy of student loan forgiveness when a student dies and stop going after family members.

–Keith and Michelle Norris


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