Mitt Had His Mitts in the Cookie Jar

The Mittster has delighted at thumbing his nose at Michigan and its auto industry. When a bipartisan coalition of Congressional critters and the President resolved to save the industry and about 2 million jobs, Romney said, “Let it go under”. Perhaps there are some unresolved Daddy issues there, but in any case, Romney was against the bailout in any form.

Surprisingly (or perhaps considering the Hypocrisy Scale on which Romney excels, not so surprisingly), Romney actually benefited financially to the tune of $ 15 MILLION from the bailout. Romney was an investor in one of the hedge funds controlling one of the automotive companies. So while the Unions forfeited retirement pensions to save the company, Romney and his Wall Street ring, were paid off handsomely with taxpayer money.

Say, Mitt, how about paying back your vig?

Read investigative reporter Greg Palast’s fascinating expose in THE NATION (November 5, 2012)

See the complete article at


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