George McGovern R.I.P.

President John F Kennedy and George McGovern

George McGovern, U.S. Senator from South Dakota and the Democratic nominee for the Presidency in 1972, passed away last night. He is probably the last of the great fighting liberals who kept the ideals of the New Deal alive and thriving during the 1960s and 1970s. Young people probably have a hard time appreciating this but there once was a day when Democratic politicians believed in something other than being a conduit for Wall Street. We’re better country because of Senator McGovern and others like him.

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One response to “George McGovern R.I.P.

  1. George McGovern was the type of elder statesman that every party loves to have among the ranks; fondly remembered by many but never actually elected to have caused any real havoc. Was George McGovern the President the world missed out on, or a dangerous liberal trounced by that stalwart of the Republican movement Richard Nixon? Either way – his death marks the end of the ‘Liberal Left’ within the Democrats:

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