Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney


Lindsay Lohan, pictured above, has endorsed Mitt Romney for the Presidency.

Political psephologists opine that such an endorsement augurs poorly for President Obama. Ms Lohan is typical of what is politely known as a “low information voter” and generally such dumb, er, low information, voters tend to decide close elections. Low information voters (LIVs) don’t follow debates or have any informed opinions on the issues and float with whatever trends may be prominent at the time. The LIVs were enthusiastic Obama-drones in 2008 and if Lohan is representative of the class, Mr Romney will be taking the oath in January 2013.

It may be that Lindsay Lohan has good advice for the rest of us, with the Election Night shaping up to be a Romney rout, perhaps we should all just get drunk and pass the evening outside of consciousness.


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