Minnesota’s 6th District

Politicking in Minnesota:  6th C.D.

JIM GRAVES, a local businessman, is the DFL candidate running against MICHELE BACHMANN, Republican, member of the U.S. House of Representatives in Minnesota. The Wicked Witch of the North Country has been pounding Jim for “lying” about his record.

Graves has served the United Way in several volunteer capacities. These capacities have included involvement on committees serving the United Way Board, and Graves described his work as volunteering for the Board.

Bachmann said that Graves lied, he was never a MEMBER of the Board. The United Way itself explained that United Way committees work for the Board and are frequently confused with Board membership.

As a nonprofit executive with years of experience with volunteer boards, I can attest to this verity: there are not necessarily distinctions between board and committee membership. Volunteers serve in one or another capacity and are appreciated for their time commitments and efforts regardless.

MICHELE BACHMANN claims to have been the Congressional representative for the SIXTH DISTRICT while spending all of her time campaigning for President. That was a lie.


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