Sorry for Him, Sorrier for Us

Barack Obama has been the Oil-Gas-Coal industry President. Despite the BP explosion and leak in the Gulf, the Administration has continued to give waivers to any company seeking to drill offshore. Fracking for gas extraction continues unimpeded. And the coal industry has been granted permits to remove the tops of mountains to better access the coal seams thereunder. Barack Obama is what Dick Cheney wanted to be in his daydreams.

Yet, for all of the accommodation given the energy industries, we have not realized any gains as a nation or as a people. The the burdens are socialized, the gains are privatized.

For example, the Government allows mining companies to extract coal from public lands at the rate of about ONE DOLLAR per ton and then sells the coal to China for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per ton!

Over the past 3 decades this has amounted to a direct subsidy of the coal industry of about $ 30 BILLION.

For all of this, Obama still can’t even get the coal moguls to support him for President. Indeed, no black male has been so dissed by those he serves since the end of the Jim Crow tyranny.



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