The Grey Lady with Her Bloomers Down

The NEW YORK TIMES is THE voice of the Establishment. Known as the grey lady of journalism, the Times could be relied upon to be objective and comprehensive in its coverage of the news.

Something happened to change the grey lady. The nationwide beating of the war-drums under the second Bush caught a sympathetic heartbeat in the old girl and the Times suppressed its own findings to join in the march to war. The Times knew, as did anyone exploring the topic, that there were no WMDs in Iraq but it opted for war nevertheless. History is repeating itself.

Iran proposed at the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement that ALL nukes be banned. Well, it might be said that this was a trick, that the Ayatollahs were not serious but regardless, this was news and it was not reported in the Times. The Times is doing to Iran what it did to Iraq, it is filtering (censoring?) the news to portray Iran as unfavorably as possible. This will make war easier.


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