It Ain’t Over until It’s Over

Democrats tend to be an inordinately optimistic people. Glass half-fullers they are. Recently poll results in swing states suggest that the President has the edge going into election day. But the fat lady has yet to sing and the forces of evil have yet to begin to fight.

What mitigates against the re-election of President Obama?

  • The intensity of the disapproval of Barack Obama among a substantial segment of the voting public is unlike anything seen in our history. Although a milestone President and one who by his sheer presence in office has reflected the of the transformation  of the nation, he is scorned as a secret Muslim, a generational Marxist or as the Antichrist by a core of millions
  • Barack Obama by temperament is a weak candidate who is painfully averse to fighting for himself and his campaign
  • As a Bluedog Democrat who has gone out of his way to ignore or actively antagonize his Party’s progressive base and labor allies, Obama has defused what could have been his strongest support
  • The track record of the past four years is scant at best
  • The Plutocrats have poured millions into the campaign, much of it in hidden funds and allocated for a last-minute ad blitz
  • A historically massive campaign of voter suppression, virtually uncountered by the Democrats or the President’s campaign who have relied instead upon a poorly-funded and uncoordinated local civil rights nonprofit sector to defend the electorate’s rights
  • The Koch Brothers have financed an army of 5000Tea-baggers who will target Black and Latino precincts and senior voters with the assignment of challenging such voters. The intent will be disguised as an effort to prevent fraud but will actually be planned to intimidate and discourage.
  • The Corporate sector having already accomplished much of its agenda to demoralize labor and crush unions, and enjoying the administration’s own disemboweling of the NLRB which should serve as labor’s advocate, has engaged in a shameless campaign to control its employees’ votes on pain of unemployment
  • The hypocritical “Evangelical Christian” movement has thrown off its sheeps’ cloth, and come out as the wolves they are funded to be, with pastors in the pulpit enjoying tax-free donations in open defiance of the Law, and admonishing their congregants to vote Republican.

This is not simply a rite of Democracy, this is a struggle for power and money. There are BILLIONS to be made and those who seek to make them will do whatever necessary to win.


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