Strengthen Social Security… Don’t Cut It

Food is Up 6%, Fuel is Up & Down, Utilities Up 13%

But Seniors will have to Make-do with 1.7% cost-of-living increase

This morning the Social Security Administration announced that the Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2013 will be 1.7%.

The adjustment applies to the monthly payments received by the more than 56 million seniors, people with disabilities, spouses, divorced spouses, surviving spouses, children, and others.

Medical costs rose 4.3% this year, and with other costs going up rapidly the 2013 COLA is not keeping up with the costs faced by millions of those relying on Social Security.

That is why it is stunning that RIGHT NOW there are discussions in DC about cutting future COLA. This would break faith with today’s seniors and people of all ages.

Social Security Works has joined with Senator Bernie Sanders and because we need an army of Americans to stand strong against this assault by Wall Street on our foundational systems. Organized people can and will defeat organized money, we just need to turn up the volume.

We aren’t going to stop those who want to slash millions of Americans’ earned benefits to pay for tax cuts for billionaires with a petition alone. This petition is the first step in a campaign to make sure that every single member of Congress hears directly from their bosses; the American people.

Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson
Founding Co-Directors
Social Security Works



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