European Unions Unite for Day of Action

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
agreed today to convene a “day of action” in all
countries of the bloc to protest against the current
economic and social situation on November 14.

At a meeting held in Brussels by the Executive
Committee of the organization, it was announced
that the initiative will be “strikes, demonstrations,
marches and other actions” prepared in
coordination by EU national unions.

According to a statement from the ETUC, their goal
is “to express their strong opposition to the austerity
measures that are dragging Europe into economic
stagnation, the severe recession and the continued
dismantling of the European social model”.

These measures, “rather than restore confidence in
the EU economy, are serving to worsen the
inequalities and injustices,” ETUC added.

The initiative to convene a European day of protests
against austerity measures came from the Spanish
unions, in discussions with their Portuguese pairs.

Thus, general strikes are expected for November 14
in Spain, Portugal and Greece, which could be
joined by Cyprus and Malta, while important actions
also are expected in Germany, Italy, France and

FROM Prensa Latina, October 18, 2012


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