Constitutional Protection for Labor

Michigan Labor proposes to make Labor Rights part of State’s Constitution

After a long series of coordinated attacks on the collective
bargaining rights of working families in states like
Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, union members and their allies in Michigan are being proactive. They have placed a referendum on the ballot, known as Proposal 2, which would make the right to collective bargaining part of the state’s constitution and would ban “right to work” for less laws.

No longer content to hold off attacks on the rights of working families or spend enormous amounts of time and money to overturn such laws, Michigan residents decided to cut off such assaults permanently before they can even get started.

If the referendum is approved, working families would have a voice in bargaining for fair wages, benefits and working
conditions. If it fails, corporate interests would have
significantly more influence over workplace conditions than
the workers who have to live with them.

From AFL-CIO Blog


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