Who You Going to Call?

Backers of Mitt Romney for the Presidency are likely to argue that Romney’s experience directing the 2002 Olympics provides a good preview of a Romney Presidency. It is said that the Olympics demonstrates as to how one geared towards the business and volunteer sectors could harness resources and produce real results.


The 2002 Olympics held in  Salt Lake City were graced with a $ 1.3 BILLION subsidy from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Romney could not have done anything without this mega-subsidy from the Feds. If this is Romney’s claim to fame then it serves to prove that Big Projects require Big Government. Big Business can’t do it. Big Charity can’t do it.
If it is big, if it is important, if it costs then it is a job for Big Government.

Disasters, Wars, Depression . . . regardless of the challenge, Government leads the way and all other actors are there in supporting roles.


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