Another Obama Foreign Policy Accomplishment

The last Christian residing in the Syrian city of Homs was murdered. Elias Mansour, 84 years old, had lived at peace with his Muslim neighbors all his life until the American-backed Islamist rebels against the Asad regime began its jihad in his city.

The Islamist rebels, like the Islamist rebels in Libya and Egypt, are linked to Al Qaeda and other jihadists funded by the Saudis and armed by the CIA. The Syrian Islamists have been engaged in widespread massacres of Christians, Alawis, Bahais and other non-Muslim religious minorities.

Recently, the U.S. State Department expressed shock and dismay that the United States had been supporting the very forces in the Middle East which had killed its ambassador to Libya and ordered that arms shipments cease. The Syrian Islamists, already armed, and still supported by longstanding American ally, the Kingdom of Saud’s Arabia, seemed content with their supply of arms and munitions. They had enough to kill the last Christian in town.

SOURCE: Assyrian News Agency


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