Squirrel-wrangler, Child-molester, Notorious Coward — Would-be Assassin?

TED NUGENT, a gun nut known for taking on such dangerous game as squirrels with guns big enough to down elephants (he’s afraid of fighting them one-on-one), a self-styled “patriot” who defecated in his pants in order to persuade his draft board of his unsuitability for military service, a sociopath who has bragged about molesting underage groupies, has had the temerity to threaten the President of the United States.

In April 2012, Ted Nugent, aging rock-star wannabe, said, “If Barack Obama is elected, I’ll either be dead or in jail this time next year”. Many of his listeners thought that implicit in this statement was the threat of violence against the President although Nugent swiftly backpedaled when interviewed by the Secret Service.

One CNN contributor wasn’t convinced writing, “Ted Nugent should be arrested. Not because he doesn’t like Barack Obama but because he got up in front of a group of people and insinuated he would attempt to assassinate Obama if he’s re-elected.” (CNN April 18, 2012)

Nugent may have just been predicting his own future. In which case, we’re looking forward to April Fool’s Day in 2013. If nothing else an IRS audit would be in order.


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