So Who Are You Voting For . . . . . in 2016? Aaarrrrgh!

So are you tired of Presidential politics? Well, what are you doing reading a political blog? You know you love it, you know you just have to have it. Well, here it is: speculation about the Presidential election of 2016. The woman pictured below, drumroll please, will be the Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency in 2016.

SUSANA MARTINEZ is the current Governor of New Mexico, a “blue state” that could swing if properly romanced by the Republicans.

She is a former law & order style prosecutor, a former Democrat (switched in 1995), married to a career law enforcement officer, whose ancestors came from Mexico, and a Catholic. Oh, by the way, she is of Hispanic heritage.

She would be a pretty good candidate at the top of the ticket but the Republicans are genetically structured to avoid such a choice. They could not handle such a combo — Hispanic, female, Catholic — and would see her unique features better as cover for a white male of non-Hispanic heritage running for President.

Odds are that the Democrats will endorse a woman for President* while a Latina on the ticket would help the Republicans counter this milestone-setting challenge from the Democrats.

Remember, folks, you heard it here first!


* Hillary Clinton; Kirsten Gillibrand, US Senator from New York; Kamala Harris, California Attorney General; Amy Klobuchar, US Senator from Minnesota; or, Elizabeth Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts; are serious possibilities


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