You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The Republican state legislative caucus in Georgia convened to discuss an alleged plot involving the Obama Administration and the United Nations utilizing mind control on the American people. Yes, supposedly the RAND Corporation under contract to the Defense Department has developed what is called the Delphi Technique to control minds.

Perhaps this is the backup to Mitt’s sour-grapes, “I didn’t lose, Obama bought the black folks”. Now Republicans can say, “we didn’t lose, Obama brainwashed the voters”.

There is a Delphi Technique but as any student in Speech 101 would know it is simply a group facilitation method to assist committees and task forces reach consensus. It isn’t mind control and it isn’t magic.

This has all the makings of a Saturday afternoon Sci-Fi matinee. Yet it is part of an official training for the Republican members of a State Legislature. Perhaps we should impose a sanity test to ascertain one’s qualification for public office.


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