United States Supports Freedom in Egypt (But Not for Women)

The Obama Regime, like the Bush Regime before it, has been a loyal supporter of all things Islamist. Not only has our President bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia but U.S. policy in the Middle East is overly deferential to Islamic extremists.

Hosni Mubarak, successor to Anwar Sadat, governed Egypt for 30-some years and did so while maintaining the peace with Israel, promoting secular values and suppressing Islamist terrorists. In addition, Mubarak was a constant friend to American interests in the region even providing support to the First Bush War on Iraq.

Not good enough for Mr Obama who chose to lend American support to the Islamists instead. Funded and trained by the Wahhabi mullahs of Saudi hate schools, Egyptian Islamists had already killed Anwar Sadat, Mubarak’s friend and predecessor, a legitimate holder of a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Mubarak government had prepared an amendment to the Egyptian Constitution guaranteeing women’s equality. Only two other Islamic countries had ever sought gender equality — pre-Invasion Iraq and the Asad government in Syria, the former destroyed and the latter already under attack. The new Islamist government has withdrawn the equality amendment from consideration. Women’s equality doesn’t mesh with Sharia.

The Obama regime, which is itself supportive of women’s issues, has become the benefactor and sponsor of the most Anti-Women forces in the world today. The Obamaphiles may whine, “but how could he have known?” Well, its his job to know.

It was a telling sign in 2009, as the new Administration geared up, it enthusiastically renewed the tenure of the White House Faith Office to serve as liaison with religious communities but refused to bring back the White House Office for Women’s Affairs that had been active during the Clinton years. Likewise, we have a foreign policy that kowtows to mad mullahs while ignoring the majority of the people who have been oppressed for centuries.


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