Montana Corrals Wild Corporateers

Election evening news focuses on the Presidency with a few minutes left for Senators and Governors. Nevertheless, lower ballot measures have proved comforting. One of which comes from the State of Montana where voters decided 3 to 1 that Corporations are NOT People.

This rejection of the Supreme Court’s preposterous holding in the Citizens United case would apparently give the Montana Legislature the power to regulate and restrict munificent donations from fatcats to politicos on the make.

What will the Repugnant Party and the Teasers make of this? Most assuredly, if they believe what they say they believe, they will defend it as an example of States’ Rights. Doubtful. The Tenthers only find the States have rights when they act to thwart human rights or fulfill corporate desires. When a State asserts a “right” to serve its people or restrain corporate interests, the dittos generally bleat in unison support of Federal pre-emption.

For example, during Bush’s reign some States asserted their right to refuse permits to power plants. The Busheviks pounced all over these would-be Jeffersonians to deny such States’ Rights and insist that only the Feds (Damn Yankees) could decide where power was generated, or waste discharged.

Likewise, States which have had the temerity to legalize marijuana for medical use have witnessed Federal Prosecutors who believed they were the Law. Licensed regulated marijuana dispensers in full compliance with State law have been spirited away by Feds who cared not a whit for the Tenth Amendment.

We hope that Montanans will have started the parade which other States will join: “Citizens United” can be overturned by United Citizens.


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