Having Been Shafted by NAFTA, the U.S. Worker Is Being TPP’ed Over

The Traders are at it again. Or is that “Traitors”? If someone betrays his country politically, he is a traitor, why isn’t betrayal of a nation’s economy, economic treason?

The latest plot against the economic security of the working man and woman in America is the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

As before when NAFTA and the WTO were rammed through, the TPP is supposed to produce jobs. Yet if the past should guide the present, the TPP will drain even more jobs from an anemic economy.

The TPP has been called “NAFTA on steroids” but in a real way, TPP is about more than trade per se. It is a Corporateer Coup via which Corporations enhance their status and grab privileges beyond the reach or ken of the common people. It is not being imposed on a recalcitrant Obama regime but is one of the cornerstones of the corporate-friendly bankster-obeisant Presidency of Barack Obama.

Existing laws and regulations protective of the environment and supportive of working families will be scrapped at the behest of Obama’s employers. Foreign corporations, and American corporations choosing to reorganize as foreign corporations will no longer be subject to American law if they persuade an “international tribunal” of unelected corporate appointees to exempt them in the cause of free trade.

Foreign-based corporations will thus be able to compete with domestic American business still subject to national law and obligations. What would be the consequence? Making the river that is the flow of American business overseas and offshore into a flood of Sandy-esque proportions. If an American business is outflanked then they will choose to become a foreign-based business.

The United States is in decline but it is not due to any act of nature, or the invisible hand of the marketplace. It is being forced into decline by faceless men working behind closed doors on behalf of the 1% of the 1% of a global elite.


One response to “Having Been Shafted by NAFTA, the U.S. Worker Is Being TPP’ed Over

  1. Obama still screwing U.S. workers after being re-elected!
    TPP: The Corporate Power Grab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPlULN68Yd4

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