The Inquisition Rears Its Ugly Head in Minnesota

Lennon Cihak, 17, was preparing for confirmation. His family are devoted Catholics and supportive of their local church in Barnesville, Minnesota. Sometime before Lennon’s confirmation during Minnesota’s debate on same-sex marriage as placed on the State ballot, Lennon took an interest in the debate and posted his support for same-sex marriage on his Facebook page. His priest threatened him that he would be denied confirmation unless he publicly recanted this political opinion. He refused, was denied confirmation and was banned from communion as was his entire family.

The sacrament, in Christian theology, is a gift of God, and not a weapon for political conformity. Shame on the priest and the bishop of Crookston, Minnesota.

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT generally avoids religious discussion but when the realm of the sacred profanes itself in political pollution, all right thinking people should object. It has been said before but deserves repetition that the monsters who have molested children while serving as priests continue to participate in communion.



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