Murdering Children

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki, a sixteen-year-old American citizen, was killed on the order of President Barack Obama.

Why? We really don’t know but it is believed it was because the teenager “may” have been a terrorist. Not that he committed any crime, not that he had ever been prosecuted and convicted of a crime, just because he may someday commit a crime.

The Constitution and a tradition of due process under the law have always held that no one should be punished, or killed, unless duly convicted in a court of law based upon evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Under the Constitution and due process no one person can accuse, prosecute, try and execute.

Mr. Obama claims authority to supersede 800 years of legal tradition and the Constitution and the laws of the nation. How did he get that authority? He gave it to himself by Executive Order.

Not to worry. Mr. Obama is a Liberal. He believes in Hope. He taught constitutional law. He’s taking care of us. We can trust him. Really?

If he can kill Abdul what keeps him from killing your son, or your grandson?




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