And Bless Us Everyone

AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY is the Koch-funded fake grassroots organization which has coordinated the attack on unions in Michigan as it had earlier spearheaded the Wisconsin assault on public employee unions. Although AfP protests that it is a broadly based citizens group, the fact is that 84% of its funding comes from the Kochs.

It is interesting to note in the current struggle for labor rights that the AfP had previously lauded Southern politicians who have spoken and written in praise of slavery. An AfP fair-headed boy, Jon Hubbard, a Republican member of the Arkansas House wrote that he considered Slavery to have been a blessing to the blacks.

We believe this betrays an intellectual consistency which the Kochs and their stooges would prefer to hide. The ultimate goal of Union-busting, Privatization and Deregulation is to spread the “blessing” of labor-slavery to an ever-widening circle. The next go-around will be a racially-neutral slavery in which slaves of all races, nationalities, ages and so forth will equally be blessed in service to the Kochs and their ilk working the fields and factories of China, Indonesia and Michigan.


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