National Security Update

— The USS Eisenhower has dropped anchor off the coast of Syria. The aircraft carrier and its auxiliary ships hold 8 fighter-bomber squadrons and 8000 combat troops.

— The Pentagon has commenced planning for an intervention in Mali. While awaiting UN authorization, a multinational force is being trained and equipped by the United States and upon deployment will receive air and communications support.

— Blackwater, the private army-for-hire owned by rightwing wacko Erik Prince, has received a no-bid, no-competition contract $ 22 MILLION to base and coordinate U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. (Blackwater, after weathering Media questioning as a result of gratuitous killing of civilians, has changed its name to Academi)

— Chuck Hagel, former conservative Republican Senator, was interviewed by the White House for a position on the President’s national security team. The Obama Administration has consistently appointed the very same people appointed by the Bush Administration and who quite probably would have been appointed by McCain or Romney Administrations.


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