Cenk Uygur: “I’m Not on Team Democrat” when it comes to mauling the Constitution

Cenl Uygur, host of “The Young Turks”, and former MSNBC talk show host, was recently given The Humanist Media Award by the American Humanist Association. During the Q&A when asked about Obama’s signature of the NDAA, he had this to say —

The most frequent criticism I get these days is that I’m not a good Democrat, and I say, “You’re damn right I’m not. I’m not on Team Democrat. I’m on Team America.” Seriously, the National Defense Authorization Act is one of the most unconstitutional laws I have ever seen in my life. It takes away habeas corpus. (And Barack Obama was a constitutional law professor. Are you kidding me?) NDAA says that the U.S. military can detain anyone anywhere in the world if the military calls them a terrorist. We don’t have to give them a trial and they can be detained indefinitely. That’s what dictators do.

love this country. I believe in this country. Actually, I’m corny enough to believe in the idea of America. But what has made us exceptional is not that we break the law but that we follow it, and we encourage others to as well. We spread human rights. We founded the United Nations. We enacted the Marshall Plan. We brought the world together. That’s what makes America exceptional—not indefinite military detentions without trial.

But our government has ridden so roughshod over the Fourth Amendment—oftentimes the Fifth, the Eighth, and many other amendments for that matter—that we’ve gotten used to it. Warrantless wiretapping? George W. Bush did it, so the Republicans are okay with it. Obama did it, so the Democrats are okay with it. It’s got bipartisan support. Yeah, let’s eavesdrop on everybody without a warrant!

FFF: See THE HUMANIST (November/December 2012) ___________________________________________________

NDAA is the National Defense Authorization Act


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