Imminent Genocide in Egypt

As noted elsewhere on the blog, President Obama has willingly sacrificed America’s Seniors to achieve his “Great Betrayal” with the Republicans thus paving his way for his post-Presidential Country Club membership. In the international sphere, Obama has sacrificed the lives of Egypt’s Christian community so as to win the collaboration of Islamists in Egypt and elsewhere. The Egyptian Christians — the Coptic Church — are among the oldest Christian communities in the world. Obama has aided and abetted the perpetrators of what will become a colossal genocide in the Middle East. The birthplace of Christianity will become a graveyard for Christians in Egypt, Iraq and Syria and while Obama won’t actually shove them in the ovens, he is holding the door open to accommodate the Muslim Eichmanns of our era.

From the MIDDLE EAST FORUM (December 19, 2012) —

A video that recently surfaced in Egypt shows Salafi Muslims holding an Egyptian man whose hands are tied behind his back under arrest in an alley. They grab him by the collar, interrogating and threatening him, humiliating him by poking and slapping him in the face and calling him “boy”—all as they try to determine if he is a Christian and as he insists “No, I’m a Muslim!” One of his captors can be heard saying “Can you imagine if he turns out to be a Christian?” implying that would be the end of him.

The video ends with him sobbing and saying, “Have mercy,” followed by, “There is no god but Allah,” the first half of the Islamicshehada, or profession of faith, which, unlike the second half—”and Muhammad is his prophet”—Christians in Egypt are only too happy to declare.

The poking, throttling and slapping are all reminders of the Islamic textbook way of treating dhimmis. Such degradation appears regularly in the commentaries of Islam’s doctrines, so that in the Medieval Islamic Civilization Encyclopedia one can read that Muslim “jurists came to view certain repressive and humiliating aspects of dhimma as de rigueur. Dhimmis were required to pay the jizya [tribute] publicly, in broad daylight, with hands turned palm upward, and to receive a smart smack on the forehead or the nape of the neck from the collection officer.” Islam’s jurists mandated a number of humiliating rituals at the time of jizya payment, including slapping, choking, and pulling the beard of the paying dhimmi.

Such hostility for Christian minorities is not surprising considering that Safwat Hegazy, a longtime Muslim Brotherhood figure and popular preacher, just went on record formally threatening every Coptic Christian who votes against the Sharia-laden constitution. In a video peaking before a throng of Muslims, he said:

A message to the church of Egypt, from an Egyptian Muslim: I tell the church—by Allah, and again, by Allah—if you conspire and unite with the remnants [opposition] to bring Morsi down, that will be another matter [screams of “Allah Akbar!” followed by chants of “With our soul, with our blood, we give to you, O Islam!”]… We say and I say to the Church: yes, you share this country with us; but there are red lines—and our red line is the legitimacy of Dr. Muhammad Morsi. Whoever splashes water on it, we will splash blood on him” [followed by more wild shouts of “Allah Akbar!”]

Then of course there was the case of Mina Philip, one of the protesters who was stripped of his clothes and beat into a bloody pulp by the Egyptian president’s Islamic supporters. OnTube, the Egyptian Internet channel complementing ONTV, recently showed the gruesome images of Philip’s torture, including, in the host’s words, how “Mina Philip was dragged through the streets by a Muslim Brotherhood mob who took off his clothes and beat him, accusing him of being a thug, while in fact he is an engineer who works for an international telecommunications company.”

In the video, Mina continuously pleads with his tormentors, “please, I didn’t harm anyone.” The mob can be heard cursing and threatening him, and demanding his name—probably to determine whether he is Muslim or Christian—which he insists he “forgot.” (“Mina Philip” is a distinctly Coptic name.)

Philip provided more information in another interview. He was coming back from work when he stopped to see what was going on with the protests:

As I watched, a group of Muslim Brotherhood men dragged me with others… they surrounded me and started beating me while others took my clothes off so I was topless; they took my wallet and keys and dragged me. They beat me with rocks and rods; I kept on saying that I didn’t touch anyone and they would reply with curses, calling me a “secular dog.”

He then told the same story recorded by others —including Muslims who were also attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood: “They later questioned me, asking who was paying me and threatened to leave me for the rest of the Brotherhood’s men to kill me if I didn’t confess that I received money from Hamdin and Baradei [opposition candidates].”

So it is, Egyptian’s moderates and radicals battle it out, while Christian minorities are trapped.


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