Passing Comment on Republicans

Recently I had a discussion with a woman who was somewhat active in Republican politics. Not a “true believer” and not a wacko but someone who tends to identify as a Republican and has even run for a nonpartisan office with Republican support. I made the comment that the Republicans had become the anti-Science party. She denied that contention and challenged me to provide evidence. I quite easily found a host of comments from leading Republicans — Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann et alia — lambasting the teaching of evolution and favoring the inclusion of Creationism as part of the public school curriculum. Furthermore, a number of State parties had added a pro-Creationist plank to their platforms. Albeit the national party platform has yet to succumb and non-Wackos such as Romney and Huntsman remain science-based, nevertheless, it is a sign of the times, and apocalyptic at  that, that one of the two major parties is susceptible to such wackery and quackery.

Interestingly enough, my friend did not know this. Indeed, I think most rank-and-file Republicans who are still grounded in reality would be surprised to the extent that their party has stepped, nay, leaped into the fantasy land.

This is a lesson for Republicans. There are not enough fundamentalists, white separationists, militiamen, gun-nuts, male supremacists, banksters and Koch brothers with which to maintain a political party. Plain-old Republicans need to take their party back.


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