How Rich Are They?

If we could collect the wealth of the RICHEST 400 households in the United States, we could do any one of the following:

BUY a new car for every family in the U.S., OR

PAY OFF all student loans, OR

PAY every homeowner’s mortgage for 14 months, OR

PAY every renters rent for 3 years, OR

GIVE a $ 10,000 bonus to every worker in the country.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly what we should do.


SOURCE: “11 Things the Wealthiest Americans Could Buy for the U.S.” United for a Fair Economy

NOTE: Seriously, if we taxed away 90% of their fortunes in a one-time catch-up tax on accumulated wealth, every remaining super rich guy or gal would still have more than   $   340,000,000 to play with. That’s enough


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