Untold History of the U.S.

Oliver Stone joins historian Peter Kuznick in producing a documentary on the real history of the American Empire. The doc, presented on the Showtime cable channel, is accompanied by a book of the same title. The book expands on what is touched upon in the film and although dealing with the same subject, the two are not repetitive. Bill Fletcher posted a film review on PORTSIDE (excerpt):

As Stone proceeds, the story becomes more complicated,
interesting and certainly eye-opening.  The devastating
impact of the domestic Cold War on progressive social
movements is something with which we live to this day since,
as Stone demonstrates, the Cold War anti-communism was not
aimed at any alleged `communist menace’ but at forces at
home that were attempting to deepen the reforms that had
started with Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”  In fact, the
dominance of the super-rich, the so-called 1 percent,
illuminated by the Occupy Movement, is in many ways the
direct outgrowth of the blunting of movements for social
justice first during the early Cold War, and then later in
the 1970s and1980s; in the last case with a new and
different form of repression.

Stone’s Untold History of the United States not only needs
to be viewed, but more importantly, discussed.  The one hour
segments lend themselves to useful discussion, whether in a
classroom setting or a living room setting.

Let’s start by spreading the word.  This is one documentary
that we cannot afford to have hushed up or brushed aside.



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