Crushing the Rebels

The Republican caucus is based in the Southern and Western states. The states that hang around Washington hat in hand taking every contract, subsidy, tax bennie and drop of a dole possible. The Democrats are based in the Northeast, the Midwest and the Pacific coast. Democratic states are comprised of taxpayers who contribute more to the Federal Government than their states ever get back.

The Federal Government dispensed services, goods and cash when Hurricane Katrina hit the lower South and did the same when 100 twisters ripped through the upper South. The “libertarian” West got Federal aid to help with communities destroyed by droughts and megafires. Now the Northeast is suffering from Hurricane Sandy and the dip—-s of the Southern Rights Party don’t want to extend Federal assistance claiming the usual pride of “rugged individualism”, the virtue of “self-reliance” and the mournful plea, “we’re broke”.

It is disgusting. It is repulsive. It has prompted some talking heads to point out that not many Repugs come from the Northeast. One should ask instead why should the Northeast send any Repugs to Washington.

The Repugs with their Tea-bagging allies have declared a civil war not merely on Liberals but on all the people of the North. It echoes an earlier rebel yell when Texans distributed a bumpersticker reading “Step On It and Freeze a Yankee”. As resident of a State with more freshwater than the rest of the country, I’ve wondered during the Texan drought whether we’d be justified in proclaiming, “Turn Up the Sprinklers & Watch a Rebel Wither”.

But we don’t do that. We may get mad but we never get even. Maybe things should change. It may be time to let the South sweat. Instead of free grazing lands for Republican ranchers, have them pay for it. Instead of free water for Republican farmers, make them pay for it. Instead of depletion allowances and bargain-rate royalty agreements for Republican mining and drilling interests let’s have them pay the market-rate. Next time a Republican community catches fire, let it burn. No more freebies. Live by the FREE Market, or Die!


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