Students Are Not for Standardization

The teachers at Garfield High School, Seattle, Washington, have had enough. They have resolved to refused to administer the mandatory standardized test to their students. Standardized testing is the current scam masquerading as educational reform in today’s schools. It changes schools from places of learning into factories where assembly lines of rote-indoctrination spew out robots who can perform on demand but lack the ability to think independently.

The particular test being mandated in Seattle was adopted by a board under the influence of a school administrator who did not reveal his ownership in the testing company used. What is more the test’s questions and answers actually were rife with substantive errors. This is what we get when we try to rend a profession and diminish a public interest into a mere business operating in the marketplace. Treat students like widgets and teachers like machine operators and you get products, not human beings.

Kudos to the teachers of Garfield High! May the teachers and parents of the nation be infused with your courage.


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