The Crazies Are Running Amuck

During the last Congress, Representative Allen West (R-FLA)-caused a tiny tempest with his contention that 80 – 100 Democrats in Congress were actual card-carrying Communists. The denouement of this Red scare revival was the general conclusion that Mr West was nuts. And the good people of his own district discharged him in the last election.

We think the real scandal in Congress is not that it shelters any Communists for indeed even if there were some at least Reds are sane. The real scandal is there are about 100 Crazy Anarchists. Not the peaceful, let’s have a hug and sing Kumbaya anarchists, but the bug-eyed, slobbering at the mouth wacko could-be bomb-throwers. And they are all within the tea-bagger caucus of the Repugnant Party.

These are the folks who insist on shutting down the Government. They are more than willing to crash an economy, plunge people into poverty, stop the Social Security checks, drop the defenses, and turn the United States into a deadbeat nation. They don’t care if the country is wrecked as long as they own the wreckage.

This is not a negotiating ploy, a political tactic, it is a symptom of their disbelief in reality. These are would-be adults who believe in fantasies and dismiss realities as paranoid plots. An interviewer was rejected by one of these types with words to this effect, “You don’t understand us because you are reality-based. We are based in faith. What we believe, we turn into reality”.

Such a stance is virtually the definition of mental illness. People with this mind set should be in a mental hospital and not in Congress.  They refuse to consider climate change and reject the science behind its understanding as a Liberal Plot. They really really do believe God created man and the earth in six literal days and think Evolution to be a Liberal Plot. They think that the remedy of gun-related violence is to arm more people so that everyone can shoot it out. Any attempt to reduce gunplay is a Liberal Plot.

Although everyone in Congress isn’t crazy, and not every Republican is crazy, there are so many that the institution has ceased to be functional. You can’t negotiate, you can’t reason with someone who doesn’t possess rational faculties. Thus our national government is made ineffective. And the rest of us suffer.



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