Richer Than God — He Still Has to Pass the Plate on Sunday

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Charles & David Koch,  Christy & Jim & Alice & Robson Walton* and Michael Bloomberg had a collective income of $ 50 BILLION in 2011.

How much is $ 50 BILLION?

There are 870 MILLION in the world who lack adequate food. These 10 people could feed ALL of them with but one year’s income.

These 10 already have individual net worth in excess of $ 20 BILLION each. Does anyone of them NEED more? Or do the starving 870,000,000 need it more?


* That’s WALTON as in WAL-MART. The Company that sells in America but buys in China, which has never met a slave-labor camp or sweatshop that it didn’t like, and that has 40% of its low-paid workforce on some form of public assistance. What do such policies produce? FOUR of the RICHEST 10 people in America.


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