They’re Back

From the Huffington Post —

They come from all over the country. Their heads shaved, yearning for the 1920s, comrades in black shirts with their bodies marked by the symbols of hate (swastikas, Fascist bands and Celtic symbols). The meeting is scheduled to take place in the main piazza in Predappio (Benito Mussolini’s birthplace, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, north of Rome) on Sunday, October 28th, when Italy’s black soul will gather together to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Fascist’s March on Rome. It happens every year, and a natural sense of anti-Fascist indignation seems to have been replaced with a more convenient sense of resignation.

They will march and pray, blessed by a Fascist priest, the famous Father Tam, ideologically close to Fascists everywhere, and who made a name for himself after having exhibited a Roman salute during a skinhead protest march held in Milan. Predappio is his home turf, although he travels across Italy to hold memorials for dead Republicans, giving masses that have become ritual appointments for an increasingly young and angry black horde.

These yearly meetings around their sanctuary – Benito Mussolini’s tomb – became a pilgrim destination tolerated not only by the inhabitants of Predappio, but also by the local government, which has not raised so much as a voice worthy of notice in protest, not so much as a whisper aimed at preventing these marches. Maybe it’s because Mussolini tourism puts cash in the coffers. The two hotels in Predappio are completely booked. “If you wanted a room, you should have called us a month ago,” say the owners of facilities in Predappio. “This year the rooms filled up quickly, because the anniversary seems to be gaining importance.”

Ninety years later, the March on Rome is scheduled to be memorialized Sunday morning in Piazza Sant’Antonio, the main square. Participants will then march to San Cassano cemetery, where Father Tam will recite a holy rosary. As with every year, there will be no shortage of Roman salutes (even if Italy’s equivalent of the Supreme Court recently condemned it).

Excerpt from Huffington Post (October 29, 2012),             see Link


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