UnAmerican Activities

For most of American history we’ve had two political parties which while focusing on different approaches to public policy still shared a common dedication to the national interest. It no longer appears to be true. We now have one major party committed to the destruction of the Republic, the Republican Party as dominated by its Wacko caucus of Tea-baggers is engaged in the following Un-American activities:

  • Supporting NRA advocacy of the right of crazies to kill schoolchildren
  • Suppressing voters’ participation in elections
  • Seeking to shutdown the Government even at the expense of crashing the world ecomomy
  • Turning America into a deadbeat nation
  • Failing to assist veterans returning to civilian life
  • Attempting to rape any woman seeking a lawful abortion with a transvaginal probe
  • Refusing to provide disaster relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy
  • Protecting the Super-Rich from paying a fair share of taxes
  • Seeking to sell off Social Security to Wall Street and Medicare to the private health insurance industry
  • Shifting public funds from feeding the hungry to subsidizing corporate farms
  • Dumping disabled kids from the public budget (Florida)
  • Overturning democratic local government to rule by Gauleiter (Michigan)
  • Dismantling the rights of workers to labor unions (Wisconsin, Michigan)
  • Insisting on paying a $ 30 BILLION subsidy to the oil industry while the country is going broke
  • Rejection of Science in preference of teaching religion in public schools
  • Denying reality
  • Refusing to address climate change
  • Neglecting medically beneficial research on stem cells

We don’t need to have an enemy overseas, we have one here.


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