Corporate CEOs Want Us to Work Until We Die

The BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, the business lobby for the Nation’s top 210 CEOs, has gone on the record to support reform of Social Security and Medicare: proposing to raise the eligibility age to 70. The Nation’s Bosses believe that you are living too long and thus should be forced to work longer before being allowed to lay down your burdens.

Fact is although CEOs are living longer, regular working folk aren’t. We’re kicking the bucket on schedule at about 72 on average. This gives us 7 years of retirement after a working life of 50-plus years (working people start work earlier than the 1%). If they get what they want (and they OWN the White House and Congress), we all will be grinding through our lives and maybe get 24 months of rest before being deep-sixed.

For example, my father died at 64, his brothers at 61 and 62, and his father at 52. Luckily my father retired early and had two years without being subject to the boss-man’s lash at 7:00 am. But in all, how much did my kin gain from Social Security? Not what they put into it and if the SuperBosses get their way that will be our lot as well.

People are different. Let those who started working only after prep school and then college and  Haw-vawd Law go ahead and work until 70, but allow the rest of us a chance to enjoy a little life before being carried off.


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