Obama’s Liberal (urp, up-chuck) Vision

The NEW YORK TIMES headlined its Inaugural coverage with the contention that President Obama offered a new Liberal Vision for his second term. Immediately thereafter the Extremely Centrist punditry began whining about Obama’s leftward lurch. Gimme a break!

Remember before the nomination in 2008, the NATIONAL JOURNAL declared then Senator Obama to be the MOST LIBERAL member of the U.S. Senate. On cue, the radical moderates of the press urged the Democrats to avoid the liberal¬† extreme, Ssshheeeesh! Obama’s liberal rep in 2008 was made up, it was a lie, Obama was one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE Democrats in the Senate who had a voting record similar to that of REPUBLICAN SENATOR Norm Coleman in Minnesota (the guy Al Franken beat).

The Obama Liberal Vision in 2013 is more than likely the same sort of media hype that the 2008 story was. It gives Obama cover on his left while he “compromises” his way to giving Republicans, and more importantly, their SuperRich bosses everything they want. As we’ve said repeatedly only the rabidly anti-Communist Dick Nixon could go to China, and so too, only a “liberal” President who is really, really committed to Social Security and Medicare can cut Social Security and Medicare.

You can believe the hype if you want, it may make you feel better. In 1944, the people in line for the gas chambers were persuaded that they were in line for a shower. It made them feel better, for a while.


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