Let’s Foreclose on the Rich

The nation’s CEOs have organized “Fix the Debt” an advocacy group urging Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare because, don’t you know, the American working people are lazy asses who are living high off the hog. A new group has started in opposition to “Fix” and it is “Flip the Debt” advocating that the Corporateers and the Rich pay the taxes they owe as the first step to managing the deficit.

The US has had to borrow over $1 trillion to pay for the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for the rich (incomes over $250,000). Additionally, since 2001 global corporations have dodged about $100 billion in taxes a year, thanks to using the “off shore tax system.” This $2.3 Trillion in “debt” that the super wealthy owe to the US is far greater than the $1.6 Trillion that Congress is now trying to cut from the deficit and which threatens the programs that support working families.

Check out their site at: www.FlipTheDebt.org


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